Greetings Traveler and welcome to the Mystic Arcanum.

My name is Raptinus and I’ll be your guide around the site. A little about myself; I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition regularly for around 2 years, DM’ing one game and being a player in three others. The highest levels I’ve reached are in my current campaign I’m running, where they are level 11.

My hopes for this site is for it to be a collection of knowledge for character building in 5e; there are many other sites which have guides on how to build a character but I think this site offers a more tailored approach to character design.

You’ll find:

  • Min/Max builds for each character class,
  • Min/Max builds for each sub-class in case you wanted to try something a little different,
  • Builds based upon race rather than class; wanted to try an Orc Rogue or maybe a Gnome Barbarian? Well my guides will help you out!
  • I’ll eventually begin working in Unearthed Arcana material and some homebrew content the more the site grows.

If you have any suggestions please leave me a message with your request and I’ll get to it as quickly as possible.

Please enjoy your time at Mystic Arcanum!